What is your knowledge of the Bible?
Have you read it?
Do you understand it?
Maybe you have attempted to read it, but you couldn’t understand it so you put it away.
Perhaps you relied on someone else’s knowledge of the Bible.
What if everything you knew, heard, or thought about the Bible was wrong?

Hosea 4:6 says, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge:"

The Bible is our "instruction manual" from God to us. Our lives, both physical and spiritual, depend on it.

Is it worth a little time in your life to find out how God's Word fits in your life?

As the church of God, we believe it is our responsibility to teach God's people about His Word so that they can make an educated decision of whether they believe God's Word, and choose to follow it.

At EVAC, we offer many Bible studies to help educate our visitors and members:

  • Bible Discussion Groups (1st-3rd Wednesdays of the month)
  • Collective doctrinal Bible studies (last Wednesday of the month)
  • Personal and home Bible studies
  • Online Bible studies

Contact us to get scheduled for a Bible study at your convenience.