Welcome to EVAC!

This is a place where lives are being transformed!

Are you burdoned by your past?
Would you like a "life reset"?

Similar to rescue groups seeking to save those in urgent need. We are committed to "Seek and to help Save (Lk 19:10)" our community, and "whosoever will". In a time of living in uncertainty, the Bible clearly gives us directions and answers on how to overcome the burdens of these trying times. It is our sincere desire to Seek and to help Save those that are looking for those answers, and hope.

It was because Jesus expressed His love and compassion for people that they thronged to Him. If the church is a reflection of Jesus, we should also express the same.

Have you ever desired for something to happen in your life that would be "life changing"? Are looking for a church that shows love and compassion just as Jesus did? This could be your opportunity! Come and visit us at EVAC and experience how God can make "all things new", and discover it for yourself!

You Are Family Here!